NSC Safety Congress & Expo

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Hand Protection Infographic

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Acure Safety gets a brand refresh

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You may have noticed a slight change in our logo lately from our spec sheets and flyers to invoices and packing tape!¬†When our 20 year celebration came up we¬†decided to rebrand and use it as a long overdue catalyst¬†to drive¬†growth, along with our brand new ‘in stock’ catalogue, and a new website to launch soon! We created a new logo and visual identity and produced an extensive range of communications to stand-out and compete more effectively in the¬†marketplace. Our new brand identity perfectly displays Acure and what we are about as safety. delivered.¬†With a new brand promise, brand guidelines and […]


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Road markings¬†are important for safety on all kinds of roads, from tiny country roads to vast highways¬†for many¬†reasons. One of the main reasons is probably that they give instant instructions to motorists; highly visible white and yellow lines separate traffic to keep drivers safely on the correct side of the road. They also indicate areas where other lines of traffic merge into main roads, and can be used to indicate speed restrictions, mark out specific lanes and to warn drivers of hazards. Some road markings warn drivers of crosswalks and pedestrian access, etc. In the next few weeks as the […]

Free chocolate mini eggs with your order – Until the end of March!

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Place an order with us for $100 or more, and receive a free package of Chocolate Mini Eggs as a way of saying ‘thanks’! This offer is valid until March 31, 2016 end of day.  

Free with your order – Delicious donuts just to sweeten your day!

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Donut Days are back by popular demand! Place an order for $300 or more for the month of March, and you’ll receive a box of donuts free!  

Ear Plugs or Ear Muffs?

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Hearing protection is a requirement in most facilities and work places today. There are many different options when it comes to hearing protection and each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.¬†This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the differences between ear plugs and ear muffs. Why Ear Muffs? The main advantage of ear muffs¬†is the fact that they are easy to put on, with no preparation – they simply fit on.¬†This makes them ideal for intermittent use where a worker may just be using them for certain tasks and not full time. Since they are so easy […]

How branded workwear can improve your organization

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In today‚Äôs world, it is very important to acquire an edge over your competitors. This will not only propel you forward and in front of your competitors, but assures your own survival. A very successful way to create your edge on the competition is to impose a dress code throughout your organization. How can this help your business? Following are some key points that show just how important branded workwear is, and the results you can harness from this: Enhance Brand Awareess By using the correct branded workwear, you will be able to ensure that your employees are displaying your […]